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Yun's Black Belt Academy has dedicated classes everyday for children. Depending upon individual ability, children can begin training as early as age five. Young children benefit in improved ability to focus and to follow direction, along with overall growth in physical fitness and self-confidence.

At Yun's Black Belt Academy, older children may participate in adult classes, often with parents who have decided to study Tae Kwon Do as a family. After more than 40 years of teaching, Master Yun and his instructors now train many children of former students who view Tae Kwon Do as an important part of their lives.

Master Yun and his instructors are concerned with more than just training children in the martial arts. They emphasize Children's Home Rules and the importance of academic success. Children who train with these instructors are taught to be less aggressive, more cooperative and more understanding of others.

Teens and Adults

Find a healthy outlet for stress and the confidence afforded by skilled martial arts instruction; Tae Kwon Do may be a shared family activity, or fulfill the individual's desire for personal development. Experience the rewards of physical fitness, focus and leadership; Tae Kwon Do is an avenue to strong friendships and even stronger values of courtesy and empathy.

Our classes are a total body workout that includes flexibility training, strength training and are a great aerobic and anaerobic activity. They help release the stress of everyday life and help you become more productive in everything you do.

Yun's Black Belt Academy has classes everyday. Young and old benefit in overall growth in physical fitness and self-confidence. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes with over 40 years of experience.

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Master Barry Barrett 
Head Instructor DA Yun's

Racine / Kenosha

(262) 598-9580

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